Practice Hygiene

We realise the importance of good practice hygiene within the veterinary practice using products that not only have the efficacy to maintain standards but is also safe for staff and patients.

We support your efforts in keeping your hygiene standards up to date

There is an overwhelming amount of cleaning and disinfecting data available, that can be both conflicting and confusing. We digested this information, from reliable independent sources, gathered our own swab analysis data and put it all together to make The Practice Hygiene Protocol Booklet.

To aid you create your own process that is bespoke to your own practice challenges we put together a kit which contains the following:

  • Practice Hygiene Protocol handbook, a helpful and informative handbook which covers the main principles of good hygiene and practice biosecurity. 
  • A quick to read informative wall poster.
  • 5 dipslide bacteriology swabs, these will be sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.
  • A sample of Sanivet2™  & Virkon™ Professional.

For further information on The Practice Hygiene Protocol and how you can be apart of it, please contact us by either filling in the form below or calling us on 01347 878697.





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