Purfect ProCare+ Wound Care

The solution to affordable veterinary wound care!
A new comprehensive wound care dressing range to meet the requirements for each stage of wound healing. 
































Purfect™ ProCare+
The veterinary specific wound care range Purfect Procare+ has been developed to meet the demands of advanced wound care. The Purfect Procare+ range offers quality products at affordable prices with patient welfare being paramount.
The Purfect ProCare+ range includes:
 Amorphous hydrogel
• Hydrogel dressings
• Foam dressings (with and without silicone)
• Post-operative dressings
• Super Absorbent dressings (with and without silicone)
• Silicone tape

MEDIHONEY is an advanced wound care dressing made with Antibacterial Leptospermum Honey. The range offers a variety of products to meet individual patient and wound care requirements. Honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds. In present times clinicians have access to medical grade honey, which has specific mechanisms of action to support the natural healing process.

Purfect™ AniWrap
AniWrap is a vibrant range of cohesive bandage offering a selection of colours and patterns at competitive prices.