The Instadose +™ dosimeter takes the technology one step further and utilises Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit real- time dose data to your smart device.

Technology behind the badge

Instadose+ dosimeters use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology to transmit dose data. The following communication devices are used to capture reads from instadose+ badges that are within range:

  • Smart devices with BLE technology with the instadose app installed
  • PCs with an instaLink-USB connected
  • instaLink Hotspot Stations
A configurable calendar is used to set automatic read dates. At the scheduled date, the badge will attempt to transmit data to Mirion’s secure servers. If communication does not occur, the badge will attempt to communicate every hour for 24 hours without intervention. If the dosimeter is unable to communicate, the data will be stored until the next successful connection is established.

Additionally, manual reads can be performed at anytime by pressing the button on the back of the badge.

INSTADOSE APP for your smart devices

The instadose app for smart devices is an application software that securely communicates dose data to Mirion’s servers. The app allows you to view dose history, dosimeter assignment details, dose reads and status.

Secure web-based management

The web-based Account Management Program (AMP+) is a streamlined secure web-based account management system. From managing individual wearers, devices, and locations, we provide real-time access to account details, dosimeter assignments, reports, and pertinent account information.

£30 per badge
per year