BIPS Dual Pack (2 Dose Box)

Product Code: 07-2985

Inert, radiopaque, barium-impregnated polyethylene spheres.

  • Diagnose gastrointestinal obstructions.
  • Motility disorders.
  • Reduces the need for exploratory surgery.
  • Gelatine capsules that can be administered easily in food or by mouth.
  • Two sizes of spheres one for use in cats and one for dogs.
  • Sufficiently radio-dense to show clearly on abdominal radiographs.
  • Provides a safe, accurate diagnostic procedure.

Helpful in:

  • Detecting physical obstructions (including partial obstructions).
  • Functional obstructions (ileus).
  • Delayed gastric emptying due to pyloric stenosis or gastric rhythm disturbances.
  • Overly rapid gastric emptying (dumping) and intestinal motility disorders.
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