ThinkGreen Environmental Policy

J.A.K Marketing ltd contributes to the preservation of the Environment through an Environmental Management System. We believe the protection of the environment to be an integral part of good business practice.

Operation of the Environmental Management System

We have established, and regularly review, an environmental management system to minimise environmental impacts resulting from our business activities and our products. We provide education and training to all staff to improve understanding of the environmental management system appropriate to their responsibilities.

Continual Improvement of the Environment

We pursue a course of continual environmental improvement; adopting environmentally friendly technologies to prevent environmental pollution. Objectives and targets are set and reviewed regularly, in parallel with sound management practices that drive continual improvement.

Minimisation of Pollution

We minimise pollution by replacing and improving our processes when necessary and, recycling and re-using materials where possible.

Compliance with Legislation and Regulations

We comply and will continue to comply with all applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which we subscribe which relate to our environmental aspects.

Improvement of Environmental Impacts of Products

We have introduced an environmental impact assessment process used when introducing new products. We will minimise environmental impacts by the recycling of waste products and packaging materials.

Available Environmental Management Policy

This policy shall be made available to any interested parties outside of the Company.