Tick Resource Pack

We have created this pack as an educational tool for use in practice. It has everything you need to create a campaign to raise the awareness of the dangers of Ticks! Many pet owners still do not realise the real risk that Ticks can pose to their pets and to themselves or their family. With the initiative of ‘One Health’ in mind, we feel that we could all be doing more to raise awareness about ticks, and correct removal. We all know that prevention is better than cure and you can recommend the prophylactic treatments available! However, it is also just as important that clients know the correct method of removal and do not follow old myths and techniques! How to use this pack!
There are four social media posts that you can use on your own Social Media pages. You can use these how you see fit. You may choose to do this over a short period or spread them out over four weeks. We would recommend that you post them in this order. 
1. The Tick Test 
2. Did you know 
3. Tiny pest, Big bite! 
4. Tick Checks 

Create a display in practice
Use the posters and leaflets to create an educational display in practice. Have the leaflets displayed and available on the reception desk next to your choice of Tick Twisters. Posters can be downloaded from our website or requested when you place a Tick Twister order