Help With Your Order

“How do I search for a product?”

You can search for products by entering a few words or the product code into the search box at the top of the page, or you can browse by a category – select a product category from the hover dropdown menu under our logo and telephone number at the top of the page.

Where variants e.g. different sizes of a product exist that have different pricing, the price will display as from £x where x is the lowest priced variant.


“How do I add products into the shopping basket?”

When you are on a product’s information page, you can click the Add to Basket button. Once you have added a product to your basket, you can carry on shopping. Please note that by adding a product to your basket, it does not reserve that product. To access your basket at any point, click the shopping trolley icon at the top right of the page.

The basket will reflect the most recent price displayed on the product’s information page. This price may differ from the price the product was when you first placed it in your basket. Whilst in your basket, you can change the quantity of a product, remove a product and pay for your items. You can also save your basket for a later visit, which will be stored in your Saved Baskets option under My Account. Please note that prices in these baskets will not update automatically but will refresh once you load the saved basket into a live basket.


“Who can view my saved baskets?”

When a practice has multiple users linked to an online account, all users of that practice will be able to view the saved baskets. Saved baskets can be found under My Accounts and will be displayed in chronological order with the most recently saved basket appearing first. There is no limit to the number of saved baskets permitted.

Please note that prices in these baskets will not update automatically but will refresh once you load the saved basket into a live basket.

Saved baskets will be added to any existing items you have in your live basket when you move it.

If a product has been removed from our website, this will remain in the saved basket until you attempt to load the saved basket into your live basket. However a message will appear when this occurs.


“Can I change quantities whilst in my shopping basket?”

In the basket, under the quantity for each product, there is an Update button that updates the price and quantity. If you change the quantity of a product to zero and click on Update, the product will be removed from your basket.

Please be aware that you must click on Update for any quantity changes to be applied.


“What is Quick Add to Basket?”

By clicking on Quick Add to Basket it brings up an order form so that if you know the codes of the products you wish to order, you can enter them into the form in one go rather than having to search for each product on the website and then adding them individually into your basket.

The Quick Add to Basket is only available to logged in users.


“Does the price on here include VAT?”

All prices shown on this website are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges. Product prices can only be seen by logged in users who have an approved website account


“I have added a product, which is on offer, into my basket but I have not received my agreed practice discount?”

We are sorry but no other discount can be applied in conjunction with product offers. Offers are also only applicable to UK veterinary practices and available directly through J.A.K Marketing Limited.


“I have received a voucher and would like to use it online”

If you received a voucher before our new website’s launch in June 2014, unfortunately these vouchers cannot be used on the website. Only vouchers that state they can be used on this website can be entered into Discount Code box of your basket. Please read the terms and conditions that come with the voucher as there will be different vouchers for different promotions.


“What is the Add to Favourites button on the product pages?”

This facility is only available to logged in users with approved website accounts. By clicking this link, you can create a list of favourite products that you buy often. Favourites can be viewed under your account area.  

If you already have a product listed as a favourite, the link will change to Remove From Favourites. There is no limit to the number of favourites permitted and these are stored on individual user’s accounts.


“How do I pay for the items in my basket?”

This is dependent on the type of account you have on our website. If you have a credit account, your practice will be invoiced for the products. If you do not have a credit account, you can pay through SagePay.


“How do I buy personalised products online?”

Personalised products have an order form on their product page. Please download and complete this form then return to J.A.K Marketing to order.


“I need to add a Purchase Order Number, how do I add this?”

Where we know that a practice must state a Purchase Order Number, on the first page of the checkout process there is the ability to add a PO Number and any further notes.

If we do not know that an approved website account must state a Purchase Order Number, you can add it in the Further Notes field.

 “How do I bid on a product within the auction section?”

Products listed with the auction are listed with a minimum price set by us here, simply log in to your account and head over to the auction and click on the bid button next to the product that you desire and place your bid. If you bid the minimum amount set for that product you will automatically win the item and will be invoiced accordingly, if your bid is unsuccessful you will receive an email stating that your bid was unsuccessful and to rebid a new amount if you wish.

“How can I order from you if I don’t want to use this website?”

We accept orders by any of the following methods, for general enquiries you can contact us through the following ways:

Telephone:    01347 878697
Fax:               01347 878308
Post:              J.A.K Marketing Limited
                      Purfect House
                      17 - 23 Dale Road
                      Sheriff Hutton
                      YO60 6RZ


“How do I order a catalogue?”

Click here and complete the form to request a catalogue.

Due to prices changing throughout the year and the continual addition of new products, prices in the catalogue are a guide only. For the most up-to-date prices, either search for the products on this website or call us on 01347 878697.