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Medihoney Dressings

The use of honey for healing goes back thousands of years, to ancient Greece and Egypt. In recent years, resurgence in the science and use of honey has driven research and clinical testing to understand the properties and effectiveness of medical-grade honey. Most specifically, the Leptospermum species or Manuka plant has shown to produce a unique honey that can be utilised in topical dressing applications. As a result, professionals worldwide are championing the use of medical-grade honey across the spectrum of care.


MEDIHONEY® is a range of topical dressing products made with Antibacterial Leptospermum Honey, offering a variety of products that can be selected to meet individual patient requirements. Researchers have found that the Leptospermum species has unique plant derived components that make it ideal for topical application to support the natural healing process.

Why should I choose MEDIHONEY®?

MEDIHONEY® dressings offer a traceable source to the honey supply. Dressings are standardised, produced under hygienic conditions and sterilised by gamma irradiation. This guarantees the removal of Clostridium botulinum spores which may be present in unsterilised honey.

Key Facts

• 100% Sterile Active Manuka Honey (methylglyoxal = >355mgs/kg or UMF12+)
• The most studied, proven Medical Honey in the world
• Now > 220 Reference Articles have been published to support Medihoney®, including Randomised Controlled Trials.

Reference and studies available on request

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Medihoney Antibacterial Gel
Medihoney Antibacterial Gel is formulated from 100% Medical Grade Manuka Honey combined with 20% natural plant waxes in a single patient sealable, reusable tube. The gel formula retains superior consistency making dressing changes more manageable, and reduces the possibility of surrounding skin mace...
Product Code: Medihoney Antibacterial Gel
Medihoney Apinate Dressing
The Medihoney Apinate Dressing combines antibacterial Leptospermum (Manuka) with a calcium alginate fabric creating an effective antibacterial barrier dressing. The osmotic action assists the natural cleaning processes by drawing unwanted elements into the dressing, thus providing optimal environmen...
Product Code: Medihoney Apinate Dressing
Medihoney® Barrier Cream 50g
Medihoney Barrier Cream helps reduce the risk of maceration, excoriation and irritation resulting from bodily fluids and moisture. It can be applied to at-risk skin and pressure areas to maintain skin moisture and pH. Suitable for wet areas. Helps maintain the skins pH. Contains 30% Antibacteri...
Product Code: 08-2115
Medihoney HCS
MEDIHONEY ® HCS comes in an adhesive version and a non- adhesive [DG1]   [JJ2]   version and does not require a secondary cover dressing. It is composed of a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP Technology), offering 2.5 times more absorption that leading hydrocolloids, and 100% Leptospermum Honey. Co...
Product Code: Medihoney HCS
Medihoney Tulle 3-Ply Dressing
Medihoney Tulle 3-Ply dressing delivers honey in a convenient way providing antibacterial action. The dressing allows the passage of exudate creating  a supportive microenvironment and an antibacterial barrier. Antibacterial Leptospermum (Manuka) Honey (minimum 20g). Non adherent. Triple layer...
Product Code: Medihoney Tulle 3-Ply Dressing
Medihoney 100% Medical Honey
Medihoney 100% Pure Medical Grade Manuka Honey in a single patient sealable, reusable tube. A totally natural product which is 100% pure medical grade Manuka Honey Effective against biofilms due to MGO content being above 355mg/Kg Eliminates odour improving patients quality of life Adjust pH ra...
Product Code: Medihoney 100% Medical Honey
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