Offer Terms and Conditions

Every month we have several offers available. Below are the general Offers Terms and Conditions plus the 'specific promotional terms' for various offers.

General Offer Terms and Conditions

•  In these terms and conditions, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

  ‘Terms’ means these Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions together with any Specific
    Promotional Terms.

   ‘Specific Promotional Terms’ means the specific rules and any other specific details or terms relating 
    to the particular offer /promotion published on this website or on any other website or in any other media 
    which features the offer /promotion.

   ‘Offer’ means special offer, promotion, code.

   ‘We’ means J.A.K Marketing Limited of Purfect House, 17 - 23 Dale Road, Sheriff Hutton, York 
    YO60 6RZ and its subsidiaries. ‘Us’ and ‘our’ will be construed accordingly.

   ‘You’ means a customer taking part in the Offer and ‘your’ must be construed accordingly.

•  This Offer will be subject to these Terms, Specific Promotional Terms (if applicable), Standard Terms 
    and Conditions
(click here to view these) apply.

•  By participating in the Offer you are indicating you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and 
    Specific Promotional Terms.

•  In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and the Specific Promotional Terms, 
    the Specific Promotional Terms shall prevail, followed by these Terms but only to the extent necessary 
    to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.

•  We reserve the right to end, amend or withdraw the Offer and/or revise these Terms or Specific 
    Promotional Terms (if applicable) at any time without prior notice, and any amendment or withdrawal 
    shall be effective immediately.

•  The period of time during which the Offer will run will be stated on the Offer’s information page or 
    Specific Promotional Terms (if applicable).

•  The Offer is only available to UK veterinary practices and only available directly through/from us.

•  Offer applies to the stated product, which will be stated on the Offer’s information Page or Specific 
    Promotional Terms and does not apply to delivery charges.

•  The Offer is subject to availability.

•  All prices are exclusive of VAT.

•  No other discounts may be applied in conjunction with this Offer. Customers receiving pre-agreed 
    discounts may not be entitled to this Offer, call us if you need more information about eligibility.

•  We reserve the right to exclude any person from participating in the Offer on reasonable grounds.

•  We reserve the right to amend prices/specifications of products or services without prior notice.

•  We accept no responsibility for incorrect orders, lost or delayed orders.

•  Any refunds in relation to this Offer will take into account this Offer’s discount.

•  Free Product Offer:
    -  Free products may not be exchanged for cash or part cash. 
    -  We reserve the right to offer alternative free products should unforeseen circumstances require it. 
    -  We will not be responsible for any inability of a customer to take up the specified free product and
        no alternative free product will be offered. 
    -  Free gifts / products awarded as part of an Offer must be returned in their original unused condition,
       else you will be charged for these at their full value if bought.
    -  Free Product use may contain their own terms and conditions.

•  All details correct at time of going to press.

•  Images are for illustrative purposes only.

•  E&OE.

Specific Promotional Terms for Offers

VetInform Offers

Offers that feature in the Vetin4m are available during the following dates:

  • Winter Issue of VetInform: 1st January - 31st March
  • Spring Issue of VetInform: 1st April - 30th June
  • Summer Issue of VetInform: 1st July - 30th September
  • Autumn Issue of VetInform: 1st October - 31th December