Cutimed® DebriClean (5)

Code: 03-1395


Code: 03-1395
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In chronic wounds, devitalised tissue and biofilm forms a physical barrier that inhibits the formation of new tissue. For the wound to heal properly, the devitalised tissue and biofilm must be removed. The Cutimed® DebriClean pad has been specially designed to support the mechanical debridement process and lead to more effective wound healing.


  • Innovative, safe and effective debridement pad (9 x 13cm)
  • White, looped mono-filament fibres for gentle debridement
  • Blue, more abrasive fibres for a stronger debridement option (if required)
  • Perforated adhesive layer supports absorption/rinsing
  • Foam layer supports absorption/rinsing during use. Also aids with the cleaning efficiency of the pad
  • Hand loop for easy, comfortable and accurate use
  • Hard blister pack for ease of use when moistening and disposing
  • Hard blister pack for moistening and disposal. Dependant on your local guidelines, all commonly used wound rinsing solutions can be used.
  • Pack of 5