DRY Cooling Vest - Medium

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Code: 02-7186
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Keep your dog COOL by using this comfortable and easy to refill DRY® Cooling Vest.  The vest is activated by filling it with fresh water, it will immediately start cooling up to 15˚C / 59˚F below ambient air temperature and will be maintained for one to three days.  The patented system ensures the vest will never become wet or damp during use. The cooling effect is the result of evaporation and is largely dependent on humidity and airflow. The vest will prevent dogs from developing heat stress during and after a walk or whenever cooling is required.


  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Safe cooling technology
  • The vest is 100% DRY
  • Ready within minutes
  • Not limited to one spot
  • Cools 1-3 days without refilling
  • Refillable up to 800 times
  • The vest is machine washable

How to activate the vest:

We know how important it is to be able to quickly dress and undress your dog, which is why our DRY® Cooling Vest is very easy to use and has adjustable straps with buckles to secure. This vest covers most parts of the back and belly for an optimal cooling effect on your dog’s body. Activating and getting the vest on and off your dog is very simple. Let’s take a look!

How to put it on:

First place your dog’s head through the opening. Take the black straps on the belly side and put these through the provided openings to keep them in place. Then secure the vest by fastening the buckles. Adjust the straps by pulling gently. It is important to keep monitoring your dog if the straps aren’t too tight around the body and neck,  as this could lead to breathing difficulty and blood circulation problems.

How to activate the cooling technology:

Firstly open the valve cap. Gently pour in the right amount of water. Close the valve cap and disperse the water by sliding and pushing your hands over the vest. Make sure the water is evenly distributed on all sides.  Next, fold the vest up, open the valve cap and gently squeeze out all excess water. Close the valve cap and the vest will start the cooling process within minutes. No gels, refrigeration or other chemicals are needed. The vest will stay cool for up to 3 days. After using the vest, simply hang-dry for storage.

How to use the vest correctly:

Dogs can’t sweat with sweat glands, as we humans can. Dogs have a coat that is insulating. Where humans can take off a jacket, the coat of dogs remains warm and your dog’s body temperature can easily rise. This DRY© Cooling Vest is comfortable, has an adjustable fit, is light and easy to (re)fill and remains dry. The DRY® Cooling Vest keeps dogs cool when needed, without the use of chemicals, gels or refrigeration. Help your dog to avoid heat-stress in a safe way! 

Important information:

Consult your veterinarian when you want to use the DRY® Cooling Vest for medical purposes. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable treatment. Keep monitoring your dog regularly to make sure the fit is not too tight. We recommend keeping your dog under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the DRY® Cooling Vest. Please consult your veterinarian if your dog’s behavior is changing.

Washing instructions:

For longer usage, it is possible that the print of the DRY® Cooling Vest and the label could fade over time. With the washing instructions below, this process can be delayed. Washing, maintaining and handling of delivered items always remains the responsibility of the customer.

  • Fasten the buckles before washing;
  • We recommend using a laundry bag;
  • Wash the DRY® Cooling Vest up to a maximum of 40ºC/104ºF;
  • Never put the DRY® Cooling Vest in the dryer! Hang it out and let it air dry;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean the DRY® Cooling Vest.

Using bleach and other chemicals can cause irritations to your dog’s wound, surgical area, hotspots or more…!


The DRY® Cooling Vest for dogs is toxic/lead free and is made of:


  • 50% INUTEQ DRY Nylon Jersey
  • 50% PU Ultra fresh antibacterial treatment


  • INUTEQ DRY wicking polyester fleece


  • INUTEQ DRY Nylon
SizeChest circumferenceDistance neck to tailNeck CircumferenceWater Required
X Small40 - 60 cm / 16 - 24 inch25 - 35 cm / 10 - 14 inch< 35cm / 14 inch100ml / 3.40 oz
Small55 - 70 cm/22 - 28 inch35 - 60 cm/14 - 23 inch< 45cm / 18 inch200 ml / 6.75 oz
Medium60 - 80 cm / 24 - 32 inch50 - 60 cm / 20 - 24 inch< 50cm / 20 inch290 ml / 10.20 oz
Large65 - 85 cm/26 - 34 inch60 - 85 cm/23 - 34 inch< 55cm / 22 inch430 ml / 14.50 oz
XLarge75 - 95 cm / 30 - 38 inch70 - 90 cm / 28 - 36 inch< 65 cm / 26 inch525 ml / 17.70 oz
Vest Size Medium Colour/Pattern Grey
Size (S,M,L) Medium Pack Size 1