Endotracheal Tube Portex Cuffed 7.0mm

Code: 01-1035


Code: 01-1035
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The Profile Soft Seal® Cuff on this endotracheal tube combines the benefits of the profile cuff design with a larger cuff resting diameter offering the patient improved comfort over other products 


  • Siliconised PVC
  • Oral/Nasal
  • Complete with connector
  • Blue radio-opaque line
  • Clear tubing
  • Printed pilot balloon
  • Smooth Murphy Eye
  • Tube positioning within patient can be verified
  • Reduces risk of creasing on inflation and minimises pressure on tracheal wall
  • Misting can be clearly seen to confirm intubation
  • One way valve for efficient and easy inflation and deflation of cuff
  • Large pilot balloon clearly shows when cuff is inflated
  • An intubation Depth Marker is located 3cm proximal to the cuff to assist in the accurate placement of the tip within the trachea
  • Large cuff diameter offers an effective seal
  • It also reduces movement relative to trachea during ventilation
Pack Size 1 Diameter 7 mm
Colour/Pattern Clear Material Portex
Tube Diameter 7.0mm