Golden LED Veterinary Surgical Light (Ceiling Mounted)

Code: 11-6065


Code: 11-6065
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The Golden Light is a vet specific surgical light, with a larger field diameter compared to other lights on the market. The use of RIMSA’s 'always on focus' technology, makes it possible to have a focalized light at any distance. The surgeon can freely move the light within the working range distance and the light would always be on focus.


  • The adjustable lighting field can be set at any size from 11 cm up to 35 cm, offering the surgeon an extremely large operating area.
  • A wider lighting field compared to that offered by traditional surgical lights, means the surgeon does not need to move the light-head throughout the operation. 
  • The lighting field diameter can be easily increased or decreased through a capacitive sensor on the sterile handle. 
  • The arm structure specifically designed and manufactured by RIMSA for the Golden Light allows smoothness and flexibility when manoeuvring the light.
  • The Golden Light uses direct light technology. 


  • Light intensity, 1 m distance (Ec): 160,000
  • Colour temperature [K]: 4,000 - 4,600
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 95 Ra
  • Light field diameter d10 [cm] (D): 26 cm
  • Light field adjustment - to - [cm]: 11 - 35 cm
  • Lighting depth L1+L2 [cm] at 60%: 81 cm
  • Light intensity control [%]: 25 - 100
  • Light Source: 81 x LED bulbs
Specification Ceiling Mounted