Infusion Fluid Warmer

Code: 11-5790


Code: 11-5790
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The Infusion Fluid Warmer is an indirect heating device (dry heat warmer) and can be used repeatedly with standard IV infusion tubing sets. The transfused fluid is heated up while passing through the infusion tube. The temperature settings can be adjusted in the range of 35°C -42°C to suit requirements and once the target temperature is reached, it is then maintained. Manufactured with an alarm mechanism and prevents overheating to protect the patient. 


  • Use with standard fluids, blood and TPN fluids
  • Accepts standard tubing sets for small animals
  • Can be used on a low flow rate infusion 
  • Easy to use 
  • Compact design 
  • Accurate temperature control 
  • Alarms including high and low temperature alerts
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Over-heating protection 
  • Three lengths (25cm, 31cm & 52cm) of heating groove 


  • Device Dimension: 180mm x 70mm x 35mm 
  • Display Screen: LED
  • Temperature Range: 35°C -42°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: +1°C
  • Warming Up Time: >2 mins
  • Overheat Protection: 48°C