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Code: Purfect Kennel and Cage Liners
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Code: Purfect Kennel and Cage Liners
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Deluxe highly absorbent, plastic backed disposable cage and kennel liners. Designed to improve patient comfort and practice convenience.


  • Manufactured using a polyethylene back sheet, virgin fluff pulp and a soft non-woven top sheet
  • The diamond structure of the fluff pulp helps maximise the absorbency by spreading  the liquid across the surface of the liner
  • The acquisition layer improves the rate of absorption which means that the risk of leakage is reduced and also any potential feeling of wetness
  • Polyethylene back-sheet means the pad is ‘waterproof’
  • Sealed edges provide anti-leakage security
  • Virgin fluff means no irritation from recycled materials
  • Absorbs fluids and helps to maintain a clean, hygienic environment
  • Prevents surface contamination and cross infection
  • Low cost convenient solution
  • Box of 100
  • Available in 3 sizes