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Bair Hugger Blankets feature unique, flexible designs that provide safe and effective warming for patients.  Bair hugger blankets come in a variety of styles allowing you to select the most appropriate blanket for the type of procedure and that which is most helpful for the clinician. 
Bair hugger over body blankets come in 4 different sizes. They are perfect for dental procedures or working on one end of the animal where the other end can remain covered.  

Available Sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Small Dual Port 
Underbody blankets are ideal for when more acces to the patient is required. i.e. abdominal surgery. Underbody blankets come with two clear plastic drapes. and have a unique feature of drain holes to prevent pooling.  There are two ports on underbody blankets allowing selection of the one that is most convenient.

Available sizes:

  • Small underbody
  • Large underbody
  • Long