BD Venflon IV Catheter

Code: BD Venflon IV Catheter
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Code: BD Venflon IV Catheter
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BD Venflon IV Catheter


  • BD Venflon™ intravenous catheter with integrated injection port and valve for peripheral catheterisation
  • Permits needle-free administration of bolus medications during infusion
  • Back-cut needle bevel and tapered end of the PTFE catheter allows easier insertion and minimises the risk of vein damage
  • Wing position reduces the risk of bacterial contamination by preventing any direct contact between the rear of the catheter hub and the skin. Utilising the wings, immobility of the catheter can be further ensured by the application of the BD Veca-C™ and BD Veca-Fix™ IV dressing
  • BD Luer-Lok™ compatible
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Sold individually