Centrifuge Minispin PLUS NG 4401

code: 07-4090

Code: 07-4090
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Centrifuge Minispin PLUS NG

The Next Generation MiniSpin PLUS, a microcentrifuge designed for fast spinning of small volumes of biological fluids.

  • Ideal for seprating serum or plasma from blood cells in whole blood samples.
  • Performing microhaematocrit (packed cell volume) estimations on anticoagulated blood samples.
  • Preparing urine for sediment examinations.

A variety of capped plastic blood tubes can be accommodated from 1.5 - 2ml volume.

The Minispin NG PLUS is supplied with the 4-place black tube rotor and an interchangeable 12 place 40mm microhaematocrit rotor.

  • Fixed Speed: 10,000rpm. RCF 5,610g

New rotor clip release system to make rotors simple and quick to change. No fuss and no tools.