DermAssure Sensitive Surgeons Gloves

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Code: DermAssure Sensitive Surgoens Gloves
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DermAssure are a dark green, sterile, latex-free, powder-free and accelerator free neoprene surgical gloves which are a great alternative for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Dermassure Green can be used as an indicator under glove or on its own.


Universal application

Ideal for general surgery as an underglove or by itself, as well as utilized in any surgery where staff members may have chemical accelerator sensitivities

Excellent tactile sensitivity

Durable yet thinner than traditional surgical gloves, DermAssure provides outstanding tactile sensitivity to help maintain manual dexterity throughout the procedure

No cuff rolldown

Designed with ARC (AntiRolldown Cuff) technology to reduce cuff rolldown common with many surgical gloves

Outstanding comfort

New, advanced polychloroprene formulation gives DermAssure flexibility and softness, making it comfortable to wear, even during lengthy procedures