DripAssist Drip Counter

code: 11-0385

Code: 11-0385
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DRIPASSIST is an IV flow monitor and alarm that makes infusion quicker, and more reliable. For a fraction of the cost of an infusion pump, DRIPASSIST provides accurate monitoring of your gravity infusions. Using this device reduces the possibility of human error.
DRIPASSIST can be useful for:
  • Blood Transfusions – Will not damage the cells
  • Busy surgery – Useful for when infusion pumps are not available or are faulty
  • Reporting - Assist in documenting gravity drip deliveries
  • Eliminate waste - Administer known volumes from partially used bags
  • Alarm – Alerts when the infusion rate changes significantly, occlusions, kinked line or empty bag
  • Ideal for surgeries that want to start or do more fluid therapy
A digital eye to timelessly watch!

Please note: DRIPASSIST does NOT CONTROL the rate of flow.

"Drip Assist is a portable device designed to measure the infusion rate of fluids given by gravity flow. The chamber of a giving set fits into the device allowing the number of drops delivered by the giving set to be counted, allowing an output in drops/minute or ml/hour of fluid flow. It's a robust device that can be carried in your pocket ready for use with patients when you want to know what infusion rate you are delivering via a standard giving set. This knowledge can help prevent both over and under infusion of fluids and therefore may contribute to improved safety associated with intravenous fluid administration compared to free flow infusion of fluids with no means to monitor the rate of fluid administration.
The device is battery operated, increasing its portability, and is lightweight, fitting readily onto standard giving sets used for fluid administration. The user inputs the drops/ml for the type of giving set used by your clinic so that the device can calculate the ml/hour of fluid flow. This information is available on the packet of the giving set. The display is easy to read and the device includes an alarm which sounds when the rate of fluid administration falls outside pre-set values to warn if the rate of fluid administration is faster or slower than required.
Overall Drip Assist is easy to use and works effectively to monitor the infusion rate of fluids in clinical patients."
Dr Jo Murrell BVSc, PhD(Bristol), DipECVA, MRCVS