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BD Cathena Safety IV Catheter with Multiguard Technology is the first ergonomically designed catheter incorporating Multiguard technology designed to provide a safe insertion reducing the risk of blood exposure to the administrator and patient while protecting them from accidental needlesticks for a confident, professional IV catheter procedure.


  • Eliminates the need for venous compression during subsequent connections and disconnections
  • BD Cathena catheter has a passive safety system that shields the needle as it’s withdrawn, providing added protection for your staff
  • BD Instaflash™ needle technology provides immediate feedback of successful vessel entry, which may reduce the number of insertion attempts and the associated expense
  • The BD Cathena™ safety IV catheter triple flash system then provides two further opportunities for confirmation— in the flash chamber and in the catheter hub—increasing opportunities for success
  • BD Vialon™ biomaterial softens up to 70% in the vein, enabling longer dwell times and reducing the chance of mechanical phlebitis by up to 50%