Medical Pet Shirt for Dogs

Code: Medical Pet Shirt for Dogs
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Code: Medical Pet Shirt for Dogs
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  • Blue
  • Effectively provides barrier to treatment area
  • Soft, flexible and lightweight
  • Eliminates annoyance of hard plastic collars
  • Double skin around the belly enabling pads to be inserted in the case of fluid loss, incontinence or when the animal is in season
  • Made from Cotton/Lycra
  • No need to fully remove for toileting - simply roll and popper
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Fabric can be cut and will not run or fray
  • Alternative solution to a full body bandage

Size Breed Example Length:
Nape of the neck to the tail
4XS Small Chihuahua 19 - 30cm
3XS Chihuahua 22 - 35cm
2XS Yorkshire Terrier 33 - 42cm
XS Toy Poodle 40- 45cm
S French Bulldog 43 - 51cm
S+ Cocker Spaniel 49 -57cm
M Beagle 55 - 69cm
M+ Boxer 61 - 72cm
L Labrador 67 - 76cm
XL German Shepherd 74- 82cm
2XL St Bernard 80 - 92cm