Micro Hottie and Lambs Wool White Fleece

Code: 02-4020

Code: 02-4020
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Hotties microwaveable heat pack has a gentle constant heat making it suitable for cats, dogs and other pets.


  • Contains no grains or seeds therefore will not mould or rot in damp conditions
  • Filled with a non-woven fabric which is soaked in sterile water with a preservative to stop any bacteria developing
  • Free from toxic and explosive gel
  • If overheated, it pops gently and oozes its water content, this is a built in safety feature that prevents Hottie reaching dangerous temperatures and pressures
  • The fibres within Hotties unique, heat pack heat up when microwaved and will stay warm for hours
  • Lambs wool fleece covers are removable and washable
  • Dimensions: 23 x 19cm
  • Red with black pawprint cover
Cover Type Fleece