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An alternative solution for Aural Haematomas and Total Ear Canal Ablations! The MPS-Head Cover provides comfortable protection for wounds, skin conditions, head, and or ear bandages. Available in 5 sizes and manufactured in Denim Blue.


  • Protects bandages and prevents redoing bandages due to scratching or use it as an alternative option to a full head and/or ear bandage
  • Provides comfort, freedom of movement and less stress, in contrary to the Elizabethan collar
  • The MPS-Head Cover is easy to put on and has a perfect fit due to the adjustable head circumference, neck circumference and neck length
  • The MPS-Head Cover Pads (sold separately) can be added to the specially designed pockets in the MPS-Head Cover for extra soft protection. These pockets can also be used to put the ears of the dog in to prevent wound fluids and ointments from sticking to the fur of the dog
  • The MPS-Head Cover can be machine washed at 30°C

Important: Always supervise your pet while wearing the MPS-Head Cover®. Do not overtighten the straps as this could lead to breathing and circulation restriction.

Size Guide

SizeHead CircumferenceNeck CircumferenceLength Head to Collar
X Small Head Cover30 - 36cm32 - 46cm17 - 24cm
Small Head Cover32 - 40cm38 - 50cm19 - 28cm
Medium Head Cover38 - 46cm38 - 54cm21 - 32cm
Large Head Cover38 - 50cm42 - 62cm21 - 33cm
X Large Head Cover42 - 54cm46 - 66cm21 - 34cm

The new MPS Head covers are a brilliant innovation and are so much easier to use and more versatile that trying to place an ear bandage.  I have used them in a few cases where I have drained an aural haematoma with a needle to see if the haematoma will resolve before going down the surgical route and so far have had great success with 2 out of 2 resolving after draining and placing the head cover.  I am sure there will be some that don’t resolve but also know that the head cover will be just as useful after surgery to stop the ears flapping around during the recovery period.  They are very adjustable and fit well and are designed so that the cover stays where it needs to be and stop the ears flapping around.  They are tolerated by the dogs much better that I expected and certainly are more comfortable to the dog. They are also easier to put on and take off that a Elizabethan Collar or ear bandage so allow the owner to medicate the ears where necessary. I also used one after stitching up an ear after it had got torn on a nail and it worked well.  I always smile when the dogs come in looking like they are wearing a shower cap.

Steven Hen-Boisen BVSc MRCVS 
Wakefield  Vets4Pets