O'Tom Tick Twister - Silicone Grip (20)

code: 02-2635

Code: 02-2635
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The O'Tom Tick Twister with silicone grip handle is ideal for use when hands are wet: Silicone-grip handle enables you to be even more precise and safe; decreases slip to aim to get the tick out in a single movement.
  • Each box contains 20 packs of Tick Twisters
  • Each pack contains two Tick Twisters, one for adult ticks and one for tiny nymph ticks
  • Multi-language leaflet enclosed in each pack
  • 5 colours of Tick Twisters in a box

"This product is fantastic; cheap, colourful and effective.  It is incredibly simple to use and greatly benefits pets who have unwelcome hitch hikers."

Dr April Mahoney Kinfauns Veterinary Centre

Tick Twister
One of the safest ways to remove ticks without leaving the mouth parts of the tick implanted in the skin, and without using chemicals.
  • Cradles the tick's body without compressing the abdomen
  • Minimises the transfer of tick-borne infections
  • Removes the tick quickly and without any pain
  • Can be used on people and animals
  • Can be disinfected or sterilised
  • Made from recyclable plastic
  • Can be incinerated without producing pollutant chlorine fumes