SunTech Vet25 BP Monitor Peacock Blue Armour

Code: 07-4490

Code: 07-4490
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The Vet25 quickly and easily provides reliable and continuous non-invasive blood pressure measurements for wellness exams, spot-checks, and while monitoring companion animals before and after procedures. With the Vet25, users can set intervals to automatically monitor and measure systolic and diastolic pressures and heart rate.
The Vet25 performs motion-tolerant BP measurements, delivering accurate results with no shaving or gel. The Vet25 is light, portable, and small enough to carry between rooms, making it convenient for both patients and providers. The monitor is battery operated and can also be powered by a universal A/C adapter that recharges the battery when plugged in. Using Bluetooth, BP data can be transferred to the trending and reporting PC application that comes standard with the Vet25.
Colours available:
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Green



Due to SunTech’s motion tolerant technology, the Vet25 has a high success rate for BP readings. 

The simplicity of Use:

Intuitive touch screen interface provides all necessary features for reviewing, analysing, and transferring BP data. Designed for animal hospitals, not researchers. 


BP algorithm was specifically developed for companion animals by experts at a leading vet school. 

Continuous Monitoring:

Monitoring during procedures is simple with user-defined intervals for BP measurement. 


Up to 960 data points are retained, even when the device is powered off. Users can select a specific measurement from the device memory and perform automated BP averaging. 


The battery-operated device easily moved to different monitoring locations. 


The battery recharges when the device is plugged into AC power, reducing disposable battery waste. 

Data Transfer:

Data can be transferred to a data trending and reporting software application for a PC using Bluetooth. Use the PC application to export reports in either PDF or CSV format.


FeaturesSuntech Vet20Suntech Vet25Suntech Vet30
Suntech Advantage Motion Tolerant BP***
Selectable BP Averaging***
Two Animal Sizes***
Protective Armour in 3 Bright Colours***
Editable Clinical Alarms***
7 Sizes of Veterinary BP Cuffs***
Universal AC Adapter***
Bluetooth Capability for Data Transfer.**
PC Application for Reports and Data Trending.**
Interval BP Mode.**
STAT BP Mode.**
AccuVetTM Temperature Measurement..*
AccuVetTM or MasimoTM SpO2 Measurement..*
Focus Screens..*
Memory Storage50960960
Battery TypeAA AlkalineRechargeable Li-ionRechargeable Li-ion
Weight1.3lb (0.59kg)2.1lb (0.95kg)2.65lb (1.2kg)
Monitor Colour Peacock Blue
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