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Available in 90 cm packs!




Please note that the NYLON cassette is braided & coated.

Associated Brands


Ethicon® Ethilon®
Ethicon® Ethicrin®
Covidien® Monosof®
Covidien® Dermalon®
B.Braun® Dafilon®
SMI® Daclon®
SMI® Supramid®


Ethicon® Prolene®
Covidien® Surgipro®
Covidien® Surgilene®
B.Braun® Premilene®
SMI® Polypropylene


Ethicon® Vicryl® Rapide
B.Braun® Safil® Quick
SMI® Surgicryl® Rapid


Ethicon® Vicryl® Coated
Covidien® Polysorb®
Covidien® Dexon® II
B.Braun® Safil®
B.Braun® Novosyn®
SMI® Surgicryl®


Ethicon® Monocryl®
Covidien® Biosyn®
B.Braun® Monosyn®
SMI® Surgicryl® Monofast


Ethicon® PDS® II
Covidien® Maxon®
B.Braun® Monoplu
SMI® Surgicryl® Monofilament